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Fx-Trading circle took birth with a vision to help traders with the best trading signals crafted with rigorous technical and fundamental analysis, it started with a dream to build a community of not just traders but profitable traders! We at Fx-Trading circle strive to read price action to the fullest and provide forex signals on telegram, Gold XAUUSD signals , Stocks, Indices - US30, UK100, GER30 forecast, FR40 etc and Crude oil Signals.

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What is Forex?

Forex, also known as FX trading or foreign exchange trading, is converting one currency into another. It is an actively traded market in the world that has an average trading volume of trillions of dollars daily. Foreign exchange or Forex is the network of buyers and sellers, they transfer currency between one another at an agreed price. Using forex, companies, individuals, and central banks convert their currencies into another. If you travel abroad, you have made an Fx transaction. The trading zone is more interesting. You have plenty of options to trade one currency against another. All the top currencies of the world are available in Forex trading. Most interestingly, Forex trading happens online. There is no fixed market. It is operated simultaneously from several zones of the world; hence, the market never sleeps. Our Fx trade services will help you understand the market well. 

Plenty of foreign exchange happens for practical reasons and a huge number of currency conversions happen intending to earn a profit. The currency converted daily can make the movements of prices highly volatile. The volatility is something that makes forex highly attractive to traders. They bring a higher chance of making profits and enhances the risk too.

What influences the forex market?

The forex market comprises currencies from all across the globe that makes exchange rate predictions very difficult. There are a lot of factors that result in price movements, Similar to many financial markets, forex is driven mainly by the forces of demand and supply. It is important to know the influences, which drive the price fluctuations. These are:

  1. Central banks

Central banks control the supply. They announce the measures, which shall have a major role in the price of the currency. At the same time, the central bank in collaboration with the Central Government prepares and from time to time changes rules and regulations for the brokers and traders. 

  2. News reports

Commercial banks and investors put their capital into the economies, which have a broad outlook. If there is positive news regarding a specific region, there will be an investment and also an increase in demand for the region’s currency.

  3. Market Sentiment

This factor can play a significant role to drive the prices of a currency. When traders think currencies have moved in a specific direction, they shall trade and might convince others to trade thus decreasing or increasing demand.

​  4. Economic Data

Economic data is important to the movements of prices of currencies. It offers an indication regarding the way an economy is doing and it provides insight regarding what central banks may do.

  5. Credit Ratings

Investors try to maximize their return that they can receive from markets and minimize the risk. Together with economic data and interest rates, they look at credit ratings while deciding the place to invest. The credit rating of a nation is an assessment of the likelihood to repay the debts.

Types of Trades

Unlike commodities and shares, forex trading does not happen on exchanges, rather happens between the parties directly in OTC or over-the-counter market. This market is run by a network of banks that are spread across major forex trading centres in various time zones; New York, London, Tokyo, and Sydney. As there is no central location, Fx trading services happen 24x7.

There are four different ways to trade in forex including swaps, spot contracts, options, and forward trades. 50% of the trades happen through swaps, 30% are spot trades, and 15% are forward contracts, 5% are options.

  • Spot transactions

Spot markets deal with instant delivery; two business days. The exception is buying or sale of CAD/USD settled in a business day. The business day does not include Sundays, Saturdays, and other holidays. The funds are exchanged not on the transaction date but the settlement date.

  • Forward transactions

The forex transactions that settle for dates later than spots are considered forward. Prices are calculated through adjustment of spot rates. The difference is the interest rates. The adjustment is known as forwarding points. It is a tailor-made contact. This can be for any amount and it can be settled on a date, which is not a holiday or weekend. The funds are not exchanged on the settlement date. 

  • Futures transactions

A future transaction is an agreement between the parties for delivering currency at a date after the expiry. The futures contracts can be traded on exchanges for set currency values and set expiry dates. The terms of a future transaction are non-negotiable. There will be a profit when there is a difference between the prices of contracts bought and sold.

Free Forex signals

Foreign exchanging trading is a hugely challenging task. Determining how much and when to exchange includes a great amount of research, technical analysis, and complicated statistics that all do not know. This is the reason why most traders lose money on trade exchanges as they do not understand and know the market.

But, when executed correctly, Fx trading is a profitable one. One of the best ways you can enhance your foreign exchange success rate is by taking advantage of the forex signals offered by Fx-trade services. Forex signals are the informed recommendation regarding exchanges. We offer forex signals for forex trading behaviors, experience, and budget.


Forex signals can be read easily. Forex signals are the information of trading. Using the forex signal, you know the opening price, the action to buy or sell, the forex pair, and to take profits or stop losing the targets. All that you have to do is following our instructions. Open the trade the moment you receive the signal from us. This way the actual price is very close to the price you enter in a forex signal.

  • Traders can follow the automatic alerts for opening and closing trades.

  • Using our volatility analysis tools, you can optimize the stop-loss levels and take-profit levels.

  • Accurate trend forecasts on USD and others.

  • We can help you remain informed regarding trading opportunities and market movements.

We have expert analysts who employ short-term as well as long-term trading strategies and analytics. Traders can use our trading signals because the signals can match the various trading styles including technical analysis trading, day trading, fundamental analysis trading, and swing trading.

Traders can use our Forex signals to increase their profits. Take profit and stop-loss levels are provided to frame the range when the market can move depending on a particular trend. When the signals point towards more gains, do not restrict your potential. You can extend the Take profit target or you might remove them for maximizing profits.