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If you are new in the Forex trading career or plan to join the world of Forex trading, then one of the best platforms you will find help and advice from other experienced Forex traders is Forex factory. This platform is a Forex trader's hub where they discuss, share information and educate one another on the major issues.

Forex factory is one of the best platform, website or a forum where you can be able to gain more information relating to Forex trade, the Forex calendar, the trading projections and other Forex trading reviews. This platform also provides an opportunity to share the retrieved data with other Forex traders.

Forex trading would be a challenging career if it were not for the Forex factory. Through the Forex factory website, the Forex traders access an excellent opportunity to maximize the return.

This is a community for the Forex traders and can be viewed as a social media that connects Forex traders. The Forex factory's main objective is to build a robust traders community where the right and most essential information can be shared among the traders.

Forex Factory was launched in 2004. Since then, it has become an important resource for all traders. Whether a newbie or an experienced Forex trader, Forex Factory is a hub where traders find the solution to most trading problems and challenges. You will always find an answer there or find an expert to consult regarding your challenge.

This article discusses various sections of the Forex Factory, including trading forums, calendar, description of the current market and a list of the most reliable brokers and their trading results.

The Forums

This is one of the popular offering and products you can get from the Forex factory because it is among the busiest online forums for financial experts. Different traders from all continents are found discussing, sharing information, debating, teaching, and learning the real trading experience.

The forums are characterized by various financial and trading topics and kind of the in-depth discussions that make this forum a better platform for any trader to learn and expand his knowledge.

Forex Factory Calendar

This is another crucial component in the Forex factory that massively determines the planning of the Forex trader. This calendar can be categorized as one of the best and economic calendars across the globe.

Every Forex trader needs this calendar to be able to keep track of the important economic events that can affect his trading activities and trading outcomes. This calendar is a powerful tool which performs the analysis of the previous trading data and compares it against the marketing consensus, and it provides all of the volatility potential trading ideas.

You can also be able to search for the major popular events that are most essential to you or affect you.

The financial and economic world is a dynamic world which comprises of various economic events that can have the impact on Forex trading without the Forex trading Calendar, the Forex traders will not be able to identify the potential trade ideas or even check on the possible future economic events that negatively impact the world of Forex trade.

It presents all the predictable and foreseeable economic events that can affect the trader either positively or negatively; therefore it is classified as one of the most powerful analytical tools for the purposes of quantifying the marketing fundamentals.

It presents a wide range of pertinent information, and it emphasizes clarity and organization. This table has various elements that make it easy for Forex traders to analyze the market.

The Forex Factory news

This is one of the most important element in the world of Forex trading that completely presents the Forex news to the traders and the dealers in the money market. Using this platform, the Forex factory users can view any new story posted on this platform from various sources and all the members.

Whether you are the beginner or an experienced Forex trader, the news on the Forex market are essential on anyone and ignoring the news is not a good idea. If you ignore the news, you might end up missing an important opportunity that can occur in the future.

The Forex market largely depends on macroeconomic and financial statistics. The currency rates form the basic instruments in Forex trading, and the business massively impacts them.

The Forex factory has very tight control the editorial teams provide the, and they ensure that the falsely reported and false news is not displayed in the Forex factory website. This is to ensure that false information cannot mislead the readers, thus incur a loss.

The Trade Explorer

Trade Explorer is a web-based interface, and it allows the Forex traders to analyze their trading performance, which makes the whole process of trading easy. Trade explorer allows the traders to make a forex trade that can be analyzed intelligently. It also offers the potential traders that can be taken currently or in the near future.

This tool allows the Forex trader to make rational decisions depending on the trade performance. The trader will be able to make the right decision on whether to invest more or to conduct more research on the trading processes.

One more benefit of the trade explorer is that it is usually automated; hence it performs its roles in an automated manner. The trading account that is connected to it is synchronized automatically.

The Brokers Product

This is used to provide guidelines and instructions to help the newbie traders or traders with no experience to trade in the Forex market quickly, without making mistakes that can make a loss.

This gives the new trader skills and experience on how to trade and make earnings; therefore, the new trader can glide into the Forex markets and access the brokers.

The broker market presents guide innovatively on how the forex traders should be behind the brokers, combine the updated information, go behind the brokers, and discuss all the elements and problems faced by the Forex market companies.


It is clear that the Forex Factory is beneficial to the Forex traders, and it plays a massive role in their success. One of the major benefits of the e Forex factory is that it is always real-time; hence, it is always up to date. The information on it is live and updated; therefore, it has minimum chances of misleading the traders.

It is clear that the Forex factory is created with the aim of completely presenting the trading information to all newbie traders in the Forex trade.

The Forex factory's trade products show the real-time trades made by the members who are ready to make their data public for the other individuals to view. It adds new features every day in response to the trade dynamics and provides a good opportunity to learn and practice to become an expert.

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