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Forex Trading - What is Forex Trading?

Forex Trading is also known as the FX trading or foreign exchange. It involves the conversion of a given currency into another currency and gains profit. Currently, Forex trading has gained popularity across the globe, and it is gradually becoming one of the most actively traded markets.

Across the globe, Forex trade has an average trading volume of $5 trillion daily. That's a lot of money circulating in this trading sector, and many individuals are joining Forex trading every day. To get started with Forex trading, you only need some general knowledge of Forex, how to trade, and how to avoid risks.

How does Forex Trading Work?

The Forex trading occurs directly between two parties over an OTC market. This means that Forex trade lacks centralized exchanges such as the stock market and this institutional Forex is run by the international network of banks and other financial institutions.

Forex trade has various trading centers across multiple time zones which include Sydney, New York, Tokyo and London. It lacks a specific location, and it is worldwide meaning that the traders are capable of trading for 24 hours.

The traders operate on this market through speculation on the future Forex prices and do not take the delivery of the currency itself. Therefore, they make the prediction of the exchange rate to take full advantage of the market's price movements.

You can be allowed to speculate on the movement of an asset's price without the requirement of owning the particular asset fully.

Who should Practice Forex Trading?

Everyone across the globe can become a Forex trader as long as you have the risking capital and a trading account with the Forex brokers. Forex trading does not require any particular race, gender or nationality. It requires just the market knowledge, emotional resilience and the trading strategy to be able to trade in the Forex market.

If you can meet the requirements of opening the trading account with the Forex broker, you are the right person to practice Forex trading.

What is Spread in Forex Trading?

Spread refers to the difference between the buy and sell prices for quoted Forex pair. The spread determines the profit that will be earned by the Forex trader. If you wish to open a long position, you trade at the buying price, usually above the market price. If you have plans to open the short position, you need to trade at the selling price, which is slightly lower than the market price.

How are the Currencies exchanged or traded?

The process of trading currencies in Forex trade is not complicated, and it involves just a few procedures, and the trader earns the revenue. In this trade, all the currencies are given a code of three letters similar to the stock's ticker symbol.

Forex trade uses more than 170 currencies across the world with the US dollar leading with a vast majority of the Forex trading. The US dollar is powerful compared to other foreign currencies used in other countries such as the Japanese Yen.

Another currency that many traders mostly use across the globe is the euro because it widely uses d across many countries and in the European Union it is accepted in its nineteen nations. The other popular currencies include the Japanese Yen (JPY), the New Zealand dollar (NZD), Australian dollar (USD), the Swiss franc (CHC), the British pound and the Canadian dollar (CAD).

The Most Popular Currency Combinations in the Forex Trade

In the Forex trade, each Forex trade is usually expressed in a combination of the two currencies that are exchanged. The following are the most popular combinations in the foreign exchange market. They include:








The Forex trade Markets

Suppose you are not a newbie or experienced trader in the Forex Trade. In that case, you are aware that Forex trade's main objective is to speculate the currencies' future movements and the stocktaking and not just exchange the currencies.

Most of the time, the Forex traders attempt to buy the currencies whose value is believed to rise in the future relative to other currencies and get rid of the currencies whose purchasing power is expected to decrease in the future.

You can use either of the following ways to trade Forex depending on your goals and objectives.

The forward market

If you use this approach, you can enter into a binding contract with another trader, and then you lock the exchange rate for a specific amount of currency in the future. You don' have to execute the trade now.

The future market

If you use this approach, you can opt to get the standardized contract to sell or buy a predetermined currency amount at a particular exchange rate in a day in future.

The spot market

This approach does not depend on any future predeterminations, and it functions based on real-time. The trader executes the trade now, and they do not have to wait for future changes in the currency values.

The exchange rates in this approach are determined in real-time, and they are based on demand and supply.

You can opt to use the future and forward markets if you can speculate against the future changes in the currency prices. The rates of exchange rates in these markets mainly rely upon what is happening on the spot market, which is the largest Forex market, and the majority of the Forex traders uses it to trade.

What controls or Moves the Forex Trade

The prices of specific currency prices are a significant factor for the demand of the currency. However, Forex trade is also affected by other macro forces such as the interest rates, the pace of the economic growth, the central bank policy and the government policies in a particular region.

The Forex market operates for 24 hours in 5 days a week, and this provides the traders with an excellent opportunity to react to the news that is likely to affect the Forex Market. Since there is much speculation in this market, it is essential for the traders to speed up the dynamic that causes sharp spikes in the currencies.

The Risks Involved in Forex Trading

There are multiple risks associated with Forex trading compared to other types of assets or trading. The risks are brought about by the fluctuation of the currency prices at a small amount. This means that if a trader wishes to earn more money, he needs to invest a huge amount of leverages.

You will be able to earn a lot of especially if a trader makes correct speculation and winning bets since he will be able to magnify the profits.

There are also risks associated with the fall of the value of the currency, which can force the leverage users to sell the securities that were purchased with the borrowed funds and incur a loss. Outside of the possible losses, the costs of transactions can add up, and within the time they deplete the traders' profit.

There is also the potential fraud associated with the Forex market. There are many other skilled professional traders who are well skilled, and they are capable of stealing the trader's funds. The Securities and Exchange Commission warns the traders against the potential cases of fraud or misleading information.

There are various cases of the existence of the broker who is a scammer. These brokers scam the investment of the Forex traders or the deposits of the traders. These scammers pretend to be helpful and provide attractive offers and discounts to attract more traders. If you are new to Forex exchange career, be aware of the scamming brokers.


Forex trading is the means by which the two different currencies are exchanged. This means that selling a currency means the seller is buying another currency at the same time. The seller needs to have the general knowledge of the Forex markets and have planned strategies of how to trade.

Even if the Forex trade is involved with a lot of money and profits circulating through, there are still risks that can occur and make the trader lose all the profits they had made.

The combination of the factors that include the inadequate knowledge of the market, failing to practice money management practices, insufficient capital and lack of a trading plan is the primary cause of loss in Forex trading. If you happen to overcome these factors, then you become a successful Forex trader automatically.

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